Monday, November 28, 2016

Shalom Y'all

So my new companion is Elder Payne and he has only been out 6 weeks
longer than I have. He was the VP at Corner Canyon. He's pretty cool
and we get along really well so this should be a good transfer.

If anyone has ever wondered what it's like to knock on doors during
thanksgiving I'll save you some time and tell you it sucks. But we got
to eat thanksgiving dinner with two families so that was fun. These
last couple of days Elder Payne and I have had a ton of success
tracting. We've had people who invite us in right off the bat which
never happens.

Yesterday we met this guy who looked like a Kevin Hart but a lot
meaner, but he was actually super cool and we taught him and he said
he would be baptized! It was crazy because this guy is swearing left
and right but the spirit was definitely still there. We are going back
next Saturday to teach him and he said he would come to church next

Elder McDonald got transferred to Louisa which is way out in the
boonies, they barley have enough people for a branch, but he's from a
pretty small town so he's probably used to it.

I've started reading the sacrament hymn after we sing it while they
pass the sacrament and it makes the sacrament a lot more spiritual.
The sacrament hymns actually have a ton of good stuff in them that you
never think about when you read them.

We helped this investigator rake her backyard and we ended up with a
huge pile of leaves, I'll attach some pictures of it. I hope everyone
had a super awesome thanksgiving!!!

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