Monday, May 29, 2017

4 Minute Restoration

So Elder Tanner and I have been practicing teaching the first lesson
in 4 minutes and we have seen some crazy awesome miracles from hard
work. A few days ago we were out tracting and I saw these 3 younger
people out smoking on their porch. I definitely wasn't going to talk
to them because they were playing weird loud screamo music and didn't
look like they wanted to be bothered. Thankfully Elder Tanner walked
right up and offered them a card because we had a super awesome lesson
with them. After handing one of them a card we asked if we could share
a message and they agreed (they also turned off their weird music
thankfully). We shared the Restoration with them in 4 minutes and
during those 4 minutes each of them put their cigarettes down and were
listening intently. By the end, all 3 accepted a copy of the Book of
Mormon and said they would check it out!! We've been able to teach the
4 minute restoration to a lot of other people as well!

Other than that though this week hasn't been super exciting. We did a
lot of tracting in the rain which is always fun, I'm getting a solid
callus on my knuckle from knocking. We also dropped our investigator
Jordan, when we came over and told him we weren't going to meet
anymore he looked like he was going to cry haha. It stinks but he
wasn't willing to read on his own or come to church so our time is
better spent elsewhere.

We hiked Humpback Rock today for the second time as well so that was
fun, I'll include some pictures.

This week I have been thinking a lot about the first vision and making
sure I really believe it and take my time when I tell it to people. As
I have tried to truly understand the experience Joseph Smith had I've
noticed an insane difference in the way I recite it. I feel the spirit
every time I say it and I know that those I share it with feel it as
well. I think the fact that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ is
something we just take at face value a lot. Do we really stop and
think about how God literally appeared to Joseph Smith?? That is the
coolest thing ever!!! I know that as we stop and think about what
really happened our testimony of the restoration of the gospel will
grow, because mine definitely has.

Love you guys!!

P.S. Next Monday we have a General Authority coming so our P-Day is
being moved to that following Wednesday, so I'll talk to y'all then

1-4 Humpback Rock

5. Cool houses in downtown Staunton

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