Thursday, June 8, 2017

Not France...

Well I'm not in France but Staunton is still pretty sweet. I'm
honestly in love with this place, we went out into the boonies a lot this week and saw some pretty cool stuff.

So last week I talked about dropping our only investigator besides Cheyla which was pretty hard. We had decided that we'd show our faith in dropping him, know that God would provide us with new people to teach. The day after we dropped Jordan the Zone Leaders came to blitz our area and Elder Beazer and I found 4 new Investigators in 3 hours!!
So we have definitely been blessed with new people to teach.

Speaking of Cheyla, she is doing amazing!! She's in the Book of Helaman right now and is loving it. Our last lesson she told us she finished the book of Alma and said "this would make a kick butt movie". She didn't use that nice of language but we're working on it haha.

This month President Smith has challenged each companionship to pass out 100 copies of the Book of Mormon. We have to share a 4-10 minute restoration with them though and we have to make sure they have real intent. So far Elder Tanner and I are at 9.... and the Waynesboro sisters are at 35, soooo we're a little behind. When we asked the sisters what their secret was they just told us it was because they were girls haha.

President Smith has also told us that as we study the Book of Mormon this month we will gain a new appreciation for it and a stronger testimony. I can definitely say that I'm already gaining a new appreciation and understanding of the Book of Mormon as I've been studying. We meet so many people who think that the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible but it doesn't! Everything the Book of Mormon says goes right along with the Bible so well, I honestly can't understand why people can't see it haha.

Okay I know I talk about how beautiful Staunton is all the time but it's honestly so cool here. Everyone has to go google pictures of the Shenandoah Valley, even though pictures don't do it justice.

I hope everyone has a super awesome week, P-Day will be on Monday again next week so you'll be hearing from me again in no time. Love you all!!!

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