Monday, June 19, 2017


Hey y'all! So transfer calls came on Saturday and Elder Tanner is
headed out. I'm kinda bummed, we thought we would stay together one
more, but I'm also stoked I get stay here in Staunton! As always I'm
absolutely in love with this place so another transfer here is a dream
come true.

This week was full of ups and downs. Remember all of those new
Investigators we found? Yeah we dropped all of them haha, BUT we've
found a couple more that have some promise so no worries. I'll give
you the run down on a few of them.

First up is James, he had been taught a long time ago and we called
him on a whim (AKA the spirit) on Saturday to see if he wanted to meet
again and he said "Sure! Why don't you come over tomorrow?". So
yesterday we had a GREAT lesson with him. He is from Kenya and has
only been in the US for 5 years. We were able to share the message of
the restoration with him and it went really well. He doesn't believe
he needs to be baptized again right now but he's willing to read and
keep commitments. At the end of the lesson we had him download the
Gospel Library app on his phone so he could read the Book of Mormon in
Swahili and he was super excited! We have a member from West Africa in
the Ward so we will probably bring him to the next lesson. Pray it
goes well.

Next up is Jerome. We were out tracting and we knocked on his house
right as he pulled up in his car, which actually happens all the time
and it's super awkward but you just embrace it. He got out of the car
and at first seemed pretty uninterested. However, once we introduced
ourselves as Mormon Missionaries and asked if he'd like to hear a
message he said something along the lines of "I'll tell you a story. I
was in Texas a few years back and my car broke down, a Mormon guy
stopped and took me to an auto shop to get the parts then brought me
back to my car. He wouldn't accept a dime for it either, so I'll
listen to any religion a man like that associates with". It was
awesome!! So we were able to teach him a little bit of the Restoration
and we are coming back tonight to teach him more.

Those are the only people who have real potential right now the rest
are kind of iffy. In other news Cheyla is doing incredible as always,
she is in 3 Nephi right now and is in love with the Book of Mormon.
Last time we met with her she told us she was sad that it was almost
over, we assured her that it was just as good of a read the second
time around though. It's been super cool to see how much she has
progressed since we started meeting with her in April.ww

This weekend there was A TON of rain and we got caught tracting in a
super bad storm, I got soaked. So, we took advantage of the fact that
I was already completely wet and took some funny videos during dinner
which I will include. It was probably one of the most entertaining
days of my mission so far.

I'm loving my time here as a missionary and while tracting for 7+
hours a day may not seem like a fun job, I can assure you that the
people you meet make it more than worth it. And don't worry we don't
tract that long every day....just most of them. Our investigator pool
is starting to fill up though so we should be able to cut down on the
finding activities and devote more time to teaching.

I love you guys and I hope everyone had a killer Fathers Day!!

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