Monday, July 10, 2017

"Do I Smell Like Cigarettes?"

So this week we were at Western State to see Ceyhla (we used to spell
it 'Cheyla' but we figured out its spelled 'Ceyhla' which is still
weird but it makes a little more sense now) and as we were waiting for
the security guy to come check us for machetes, bazookas, knives,
etc., this other lady in her 20's came and stood by us. I didn't pay
much attention to her until she made this noise like she was
disgusted. I looked at her and all of the sudden she was walking up to
me with her up and out to her sides asking, "do I smell like
cigarettes?" She got super close, like WAY too close, so I panicked
and sniffed her really quick before reestablishing an appropriate
distance by taking a few steps back. I honestly didn't even register
what she smelled like because I was so uncomfortable but I told her
she smelled fine.

Then later in the week we were street contacting downtown and we
walked past this guy that was smoking. Elder Davis offered him a card
and he declined so I kept walking, but then I hear Elder Davis from
behind me ask "Have you ever wanted to quit smoking?" I turned around
he added "just curious". The guy glared at Elder Davis before replying
"Smoking isn't a's a wrong, there's a difference". Elder
Davis just chuckled and said "just asking", then we walked away
awkwardly. I guess the ideal answer we were looking for was "Yes! I
would love to but I don't know how! If only there was a book that I
could read that would give me the strength to quit!", but we weren't
that lucky. Needless to say cigarettes make for some great stories.

In other news, we found this lady that we assumed wasn't a member,
started teaching her, and then she told us she was baptized 2 years
ago in New York. However, yesterday when we tried to pull her records
into our ward we couldn't find maybe she just thinks she
got baptized, or maybe she was baptized but never confirmed. Either
way she's interested and we call her on the phone every day that we
don't meet in person.

On Friday we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, Elder Beazer and
I were together, I love that guy. The Zone Leaders are YSA so whenever
we do exchanges with them we get to go find young people, which is
nice because they are always way more interested. While we were
leaving an apartment complex I saw this guy with headphones in playing
basketball. I felt like we should talk to him but he was in the zone,
literally making every shot he took and I didn't want to interrupt the
magic. So I started backing Elder Beazer out of our parking spot when
I felt the impression even stronger that we needed to talk to him. I
reluctantly opened the car door and told Elder Beazer to park the car.
We walked over to the court and he took out his headphones as we
walked up. I just told him straight up that while I hated to interrupt
his practice, I really felt like we needed to talk. From there we got
to know him, had a great discussion on grace, shared some verses from
the Book of Mormon, and exchanged contact information so we could meet
again. As we left I had the best feeling, I agree with Thomas S.
Monson when he said there is no greater feeling than responding to a
prompting from the Lord, I love it!

Alright well if you made it through this week congrats. I tried to
make it a good one since last week was just pictures. I'm loving
Staunton as always, it's super fun to be with Elder Davis and relive
our MTC memories while creating new ones out here in Virginia. I know
that the Book of Mormon is true without a doubt and there is nothing I

enjoy more than sharing with the people here. Love you guys!!

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