Monday, September 19, 2016

Chobani Flips and Finding by the Spirit

Everyone needs to go buy some Chobani Flips, they are the best thing
ever and pretty much all we eat. This week has been pretty rough, we
had to drop a lot of investigators because none of them were
progressing. So we really only have one progressing investigator now,
his name is Collin. He is super cool and wants to be baptized, I have
a lot of faith in him.

  Since we don't have many investigators we do a lot of tracting. The

problem is that no matter how solid your door approach is (and mine is
pretty good) everyone thinks they are already saved. Pretty much
everyone in Virginia is Baptist, which means they think they are saved
because they believe in Christ and that's all they have to do, which
totally makes sense because that's how it happens in the bible right?
WRONG. Then there are the Jehova's Witnesses. Sometimes we go to a
neighborhood where they have already been and everyone who answers the
door gets way mad because we think we are the J Dubs (Jehova's
Witnesses) that just talked to them a few minutes ago. At that point
we just go somewhere else because no one is interested anymore. I did
talk to a Wicken yesterday. I guess they believe in Mother Nature and
all the Pagan Gods.

  We had dinner at a members apartment one night and we knew what

building they were in but not the actual floor or number, so we
decided we would do a little faith exercise and find them by
inspiration. So we said a little prayer and Elder McDonald asked me to
pick a floor, after a few moments I chose the 2nd floor. Then once we
were on the second floor we had 4 doors to choose from. We sat there
for a second and then he asked me to choose a door. I thought about it
and chose the back left one. Someone opened the door and you guessed
it, it was the member!! It was way cool, I think Heavenly Father was
showing us that if we just ask he really will lead us to the people he
has prepared.

The talk I have loved most on my mission is "come what may and love 
it". It has some really good advice that everyone could use.

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