Monday, September 26, 2016

Cat City

Man, I cant believe its already Monday!! This past week has been
awesome, especially since the weather is finally cooling down. When
you go tracting at apartment complexes near a lake they call it "The
Refiners Fire" because it gets so hot in the stairwell.

We put one of our Investigators on date for baptism this week!! Her
name is Sue and she's at least 80 years old. It took us an entire
lesson just to invite her to be baptized because the talks so much.
You have to wait for just the right time to interrupt her. Part of me
doesn't know if she actually registered the invite though. I asked her
if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes and then continued on
with her story. Elder McDonald and I both looked at each other because
we weren't sure if she was even paying attention.

The hardest part with Sue and pretty much every investigator is
getting them to church, so far I've only had one Sunday where an
investigator came to church, and even then he was stepping out every 5
minutes to smoke. We have lots of people who know the Book of Mormon
is true and who have received that spiritual witness but they are too
busy to come to church, it's sad.

We were tracting the other day and we were getting NOWHERE. Literally
every door was being slammed into our face. We were pretty tired out
and it was at least 100 degrees outside. But I decided that we should
keep going because there had to be at least 1 person who would accept
our message. Eventually we found someone. His name is Avery and he
sounded super intrested, we are going to go visit him later today.

 We were headed home last night and accidentally made a wrong turn.
As we turned we saw a street literally covered in cats, it was
crazy!!! We found out its right by a retirement home so all the old
people put out food and water so now they have a ton of stray cats
living in the woods. We took a short video so I'll attach it.

This week I thought a lot about how whenever you're having a hard
time, you're probably doing something right. Each day where we have a
lot of angry people we find someone who is just super awesome. Satan
is going to do whatever he can to keep the work from progressing but
we just have to keep on going.

Also, special shoutout to the Shaeffer family, I hope you guys are
having a good dinner. And shoutout to whoever shipped me 2 bags of
Ultimate Cheeseburger Doritos from the UK!!!

Elder Critchfield

1. These streets on our map look like a person.
2. Another killer sunset from Virginia
3. All of the Trainers and their Trainees this transfer

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