Monday, February 27, 2017

No Soliciting

Well this week has been a pretty sweet! We knocked some HUUUGE houses.
I'm talking about huge plots of land with horse stables, 5 garages,
and a different Tesla for every day of the week.

Okay so maybe not that crazy but they were pretty big, I'll include
some pictures of the medium sized ones. We also had a lot of people
yell at us for "soliciting". One guy chased us off his lawn haha, it
was pretty fun.

This week has truly been humbling because we have seen how little we
actually do and how much God does for us. We set a goal to earn the
trust of the members and then out of nowhere we had so many
opportunities to build good relationships!! On Tuesday we were able to
go teach a Seminary classs and talk about missionary work, and this
Tuesday we are going to the mutual activity to talk to the Priests and
Laurels about missionary work. Then, in Ward Council a member of the
bishopric commented that he had never been in a Ward Council where the
missionaries contributed so much, so that was awesome.

Okay now for the miracle of the week: So we were calling down this
list of less actives and we get to this older single sister. We call
her and ask if she needs any help and she tells us she has the Nora
Virus and was super sick. She asked us if we could walk her dog and
get her some Tylenol and give her a blessing. So, being the great
missionaries we are, we ran to Walgreens, grabbed some Tylenol and
chicken noodle soup, walked her dog, and gave her a blessing. After
the blessing she got emotional and told us that all of her kids were
sick as well so no one could help her, so she decided to pray and ask
for help. Seconds after her prayer we called asking if she needed any
help with anything. #MIRACLE. It was so cool!!!

The best feeling in the world is being able to be used as a tool in
God's work. As long as Elder Wolverton and I stay obedient and unified
then God makes stuff happen, we literally do nothing haha. These
amazing situations just fall into our laps.

So yeah, it's been a pretty humbling week to say the least. I hope
everyone is doing well! Love you all!!

1. Mansion 1
2. Mansion 2
3. Club Tuna 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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