Monday, March 6, 2017

Miracle 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Alrighty so here is our miracle this week. So we set a goal to find
one new investigator on Wednesday night and we had an AMAZING
miracle!! So in the afternoon we went and tracted in this apartment
complex for at least 3 hours and we didn't really have any luck, we
accidentally tracted into a member though so that was fun. After
dinner we decided to go back to the same complex and try some more.
Right as we got there (it's on the far west side of our area) Elder
Wolverton said "actually I think we should go see Cecile". Except
Cecile is on the complete other side of our area!! But I agreed
because I decided I would trust Elder Wolverton. Once we were almost
to Cecile's Elder Wolverton says "actually I think we should go back".
I was feeling the same thing so we headed on back. When we got there
Elder Wolverton asked if we should start in the 200s or 500s (building
numbers). I said 500s and he agreed, so we start tracting. It's about
7 o'clock  at this point and we are having zero luck, pretty much
everyone who answered was not happy to see us, and someone even
threatened to call the cops. 8 o'clock rolls around and we still
haven't found a new investigator. Since we aren't supposed to tract
past 8 we head  to the car, hoping someone will send us a referral or
something so we could get a new investigator. Just after we back out
of our spot Elder Wolverton said he felt like we should stay and I
agreed, but we decided to say a prayer just to be sure. Before the
prayer though a building had caught my eye and I thought about going
to it. Elder Wolverton said the prayer and while he said it I saw the
second floor of the building that had caught my eye and the back left
door, it's hard to explain but I just knew we needed to knock that
door. So after the prayer I said "alright let's choose one door to
knock" and Elder Wolverton agreed. I pointed to the building I wanted
to go to and Elder Wolverton said he was thinking the same thing, then
as we pulled up to it I said "alright second floor", he agreed again.
Then I said the back left door, but he replied that he was thinking
the front right door, so we decided to knock both (you have to know
the layout of the buildings to understand). We knocked the front right
door and a Muslim guy answered, who wasn't interested. So then we went
and knocked the back left door. A lady with a green sweatshirt and
black hair that was half dyed red came out and she was super bubbly
and happy to see us. She knew who we were Mormon and was from Arizona.
She went on to tell us how she loved the Mormon people and thought
they were amazing. She expressed how she wasn't really liking the
Catholic Church in Virginia. She also talked about stuff like how she
doesn't think a man has power to absolve your sins and how important
the family is, she started tearing up a couple of times, especially
when we told her how we had found her. Then she told us how she hadn't
seen a Mormon in like 6 years and she was super happy to see us. She
was so prepared!!

Now, this sounds amazing and you probably think she's getting baptized
in a few weeks right? WRONG. Unfortunaltet we have lost all contact
with her. We were able to have a second lesson which was equally as
amazing as finding her but now she doesn't answer the door or return
our calls.

It's been a big struggle for me to figure out why we were led to her
if she was just going to bail on us. However, everyone has their
agency, and our jobs as missionaries is just to give them the best
opportunity we can!!

I love everyone and miss all of you!! But things in Virginia always
make things worth it. Have a good week y'all!!

(Sorry no pics this week ☹️)

Love Elder Critchfield

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