Monday, February 6, 2017

The Book of Mormon Play 😐

Well, the Book of Mormon Play is showing in Richmond all week this week so we are pretty much celebrities. Random people come up to us and say "hey, you guys are the Mormons!". This one guy drove up to us and waved, said that he just wanted to say hi to a missionary, then drove away. Last year when the play came all the missionaries in nearby areas passed out copies of the Book of Mormon as people left the play and they passed out 2,000!!! But this year the public relations people in Salt Lake said it causes too much contention so we aren't doing it.

Yesterday morning we walked out to the car and our tire was totally flat!! We were super confused because it was fine last night and we couldn't find any nails or anything in the tire. Anyway, thankfully I changed a tire with my pops a week or so before I went to the MTC so I changed the tire and we were are taking it to Firestone today.

Elder Griffin and I decided to make flyers for free family history lessons to try and find some investigators. So we went to the library and whipped some up real quick and put them all over town. So far nothing has come from it but we are going to put in all the work we can wether or not Heavenly Father chooses to bless us with success.

I found a quote by Joseph Fielding Smith that I think is so powerful!! It testifies of the power of the Holy Ghost and how important his role is in peoples conversion. Before the quote he talks about how all 3 of the Three Witnesses fell away from the church but they never denied their testimony of the Book of Mormon. I truly believe that we don't need to have a vision or see an angel or hear a voice to know that the Book of Mormon is true. I have never had an experience like that and I probably never will, but I know, through the small feelings given to me by the Holy Ghost, that it is true.

I hope everyone has a great week!!

“Therefore, the seeing, even the Savior, does not leave as deep an impression in the mind as does the testimony of the Holy Ghost to the spirit. … the impressions on the soul that come from the Holy Ghost are far more significant than a vision. It is where spirit speaks to spirit, and the imprint upon the soul is far more difficult to erase.” -Joseph Fielding Smith

1. I realize I haven't really included any good pictures of Elder Griffin, so here is the man, myth, and legend
2. Family History Flyers (I crossed out our number so you don't get tempted to call your favorite missionary)
3. Flat Tire
4. Timelapse of changing the tire

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