Monday, January 30, 2017

Moving and Mansions

Well I think the most memorable until that happened this week was
helping a member move out of her apartment into another apartment in
the same complex on the third floor. We had to carry up a ton of
stuff. Including 2 huge boxes that had sectionals in them, that was
fun haha. We also had interviews with President Smith this week, and
that's always awesome.

A couple of days ago Elder Griffin and I were reading in Acts 12 about
Paul and his missionary work, it was cool to see how much it relates
to us today. Paul and Saul go talk to this random lady by the river
and while they are someone else overhears them. That person ends up
being baptized along with their whole household!!! So you never know
how your efforts effect people!! Then they end up getting put in jail
but they convert their jailer and are set free. So Elder Griffin and I
are going to try to get arrested so we can convert the Sheriff, we're
pretty desperate.

The houses here are huge, whenever we are tracting and no one answers
I'll joke with Elder Griffin and say "they probably can't hear us from
the bowling alley downstairs, try the doorbell".

We are going to sit down with the Relief Society President tomorrow
and talk about some part member families and how we can work with
them, so Elder Griffin and I are really excited, something good should
come out of that.

We have also been working with this lady named Ellie from Albania
recently and things have been going super well!! We have a family and
the dad is from Albania and Ellie is his mom who is just visiting for
a couple months. She joined when he did in California but once she
went back to Albania she went inactive, so we are helping her regain
her testimony. They don't have a Patriarch in Albania so last week we
invited her to meet with the bishop and get her recommend for her
Patriarchal Blessing and she said she will!! It was awesome. Ellie's
daughter in law speaks Albanian as well so she translates if Ellie
doesn't understand, most of the time she gets it though, she speaks
pretty good English.

I know this gospel is true, and when people do accept it, I've seen
first hand the amazing difference it has in people's lives. We had an
investigator in my last area who shared an experience with us that
truly showed me how the gospel changes people, even in little ways.
This is what she said: "Yesterday I was going to go steal some food
from the gas station, and usually I don't care, I mean my kids are
starving so who cares. But yesterday I just felt really bad about it
so I decided not to. Then I woke up this morning and there were a ton
of grocery bags filled with food at my front door!!" I know from this
and other experiences that Heavenly Father knows and takes care of
each and every one of us!!

1. Your average Midlothian house
2. A destroyed BMW we saw

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