Monday, October 10, 2016

Free Cookies

Well, another week down in RVA (Richmond, Virginia)

The hurricane didn't affect us much, we just got a lot of rain. It
rained from the moment I woke up on Saturday all the way until I went
to bed!! It sure made tracting fun though. People are a lot more
likely to let you in when its raining because they feel bad. One lady
even gave us some freshly baked cookies!!

Our Ward Mission Leader was released 5 weeks ago and we still haven't
gotten a new one so that is pretty rough.

Our area has been pretty dry lately. We tract and visit less actives
all day since we don't really have any progressing investigators. Our
ward is actually super dead too. We have been trying to clean up the
ward list because there are people on there that have moved or go to a
different church. One day we went to this less actives house that was
on the most recent ward directory and her son told us she had died
over a year ago!!! And the ward still didn't know!! Its crazy.

Part of me thinks that maybe we aren't finding anyone because the ward
cant even look after the people it has right now. So Elder McDonald
and I have been working hard to help them out. You would be surprised
how many people we talk to that have joined a different church. It
always amazes me how you can be baptized and feel the spirit but still
fall away. Then again, people go through tough times so I try not to
judge them too soon.

Elder McDonald and I got lost trying to find this house and somehow
ended up at the James River, so I'll include some pictures, its huge.

I hope everyone is doing well!! Make sure you watch out for clowns!!

P.s. I had grits for the first time, and hopefully the last. They are way weird

1. Your classic Virginia home
2. When the Missionary Squad rolls up for District Meeting
3. When the Missionary Squad rolls up for District Meeting
4. A panoramic of the James River
5. Me and Elder McDonald at the James
6. The new ad campaign for Nordstrom

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