Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!! I hope everyone stays safe from killer clowns and all the other crazy stuff that is apparently happening. Our mission president has said that everyone needs to be in their apartments by 5 pm tonight so this will probably be a pretty boring Halloween.

This week has been pretty solid, after a long time with no real progress going on things are finally picking up. We have been working with this less active guy named Sherod, he's pretty cool. He even found us a new investigator named Jayson, he is Sherod's next door neighbor. They both have word of wisdom problems but hopefully they will be able to overcome them.

I have been super interested in family history recently, its crazy!!! I found out that my great great great great grandpa, Perrigrine Sessions, was a body guard for Joseph Smith and Brigham Young! He was also one of the early 70. It blows my mind how much information I've found on people who lived so long ago.

Yesterday we were out tracting and this guy opened his door in his underwear!!! It was way awkward and I couldn't think but then I realized they were just REALLY short, white biker shorts, he wasn't interested though. There was another time this week where I was on exchanges with one of the zone leaders and we were out tracting. As we were walking up to a house he told me I had to use the word "Daffodil" when I was talking to the guy. So we knock on the door and this guy answers who already looks like he's in a bad mood, but I'm not going to chicken out in front of a zone leader! So I put on my best smile and ask "Does Daffodil live here?" The guy totally called me out though, he told us he wasn't gonna fall for that trick and that he wasn't interested, then he slammed the door. As we were leaving we were about to burst out laughing but then he came back out and said "My neighbor is a gun owner and works nights, so unless you want to get shot I wouldn't knock on his door," I'd like to think he told us that out of genuine concern for our well being haha.

We also tracted into some crazy big houses, I'll attach a picture that show two of them. We also found this abandoned trailer park or something. I saw some streets on our map that didn't have any investigators or anything in them so I thought we would try them out, except we couldn't find the streets!! So we parked in a nearby parking lot and after 2 or 3 minutes of bush whacking we found ourselves on these creepy overgrown streets. I'll show some of that too.

Well, I guess I'll close with a handy tip, it's "Copies of The Book of
Mormon" not "Books of Mormon" or "Book of Mormons." Just trust me on this one. 


1. MTV cribs?

2. Birthday dinner at the bishop's house

3. The lost city

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