Monday, October 17, 2016

The Great Drought

Well, as usual, this week has consisted of a lot of tracting, many
member visits, and a whole lot of praying. Our area has been pretty
dry these last couple of weeks and we can't seem to find any
investigators. We have come up with a couple of ideas though on how to
find them so hopefully by next week we will have someone.

I don't know if I've talked about him but we had this golden
investigator name Collin, he invited himself to be baptized on the 2nd
or 3rd lesson. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to contact him for
a few weeks. He either died or he's avoiding us, because we've
probably called him at least 20 times in the past month and stopped by
his house maybe 10 times.

While we aren't having much success the area next to us, MeadowBrook,
is having a ton of success. They have most of the ghetto in
Chesterfield, there's this place called Hillside Court in their area
where missionaries aren't allowed to go because a missionary got shot
there a couple of years ago, and people get shot down there all the
time. That being said, MeadowBrook is rolling in the investigators.
They found this lady that had a dream where she went through the
temple and saw the doors of the D.C temple in detail. She contacted
the missionaries and asked them to teach her! She was baptized this
last Saturday and it was super cool experience to be there. The spirit
was very strong.

On Friday and Saturday Elder McDonald and I helped a family in our
ward lay 20,000 square feet of sod!!! We worked 6 1/2 hours just on
Saturday. I took a time lapse of Saturday that I will include in the
letter. The baller in the grey shirt putting all the sod in its place
is me, since I had "experience" laying sod. (Not really, only did it

I've decided that there is no possible way that anyone can be
converted through logic. My biggest problem so far has been trying to
convince people of the truth through logic. It makes sense that if we
had prophets in the Bible that we would have prophets now, but people
don't seem to get it.

I've noticed that every mission has its perks and challenges. We have
pretty nice living conditions compared to some missions, and we get to
eat regular food (besides grits). But there is a ton of anti here and
people are pretty mean. Granted, there are some AWESOME people that
will invite you in and talk with you, but most people are straight up

I hope everyone is doing well, I know that missionary work is one of
the best things anyone can do, even if it's just talking to your
friends. Because the gospel is the best!!! So why keep it to yourself?

1. What the members house looked like before
2. What the yard looked like after we tore it up
3. The yard after we finished
4. We stopped by a members house and sent us home with half her pantry
5. Your typical road in Virginia
6. We found a high school game while tracting
7. The new whip

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