Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

Hey y'all, happy late Easter!! This week has been kind of slow because Elder Burila hurt his back really bad but we were still able to get a decent amount of stuff done.

So on Tuesday this week we had Zone Conference in Charlottesville which is about an hour away and it was awesome! I learned a lot and left feeling super pumped to go out and work. On the drive home we started hearing this weird flapping noise so we pulled over at a rest area. Turns out the front wheel wells on both sides of the car weren't screwed in or something so they were rubbing against the tires. By the time we had pulled over they were destroyed, so our Vehicle Coordinator told us to take them out. We didn't have any tools though, thankfully Elder Burila had his handy dandy pocket knife so we just cut part of them out. We had to stop a second time though after that right on the highway because we didn't cut enough out and it kept rubbing.

Okay so there's this place in Charlottesville called Raising Canes and they literally have THE BEST chicken fingers ever, no joke. Totally random but I thought I'd let y'all know.

Alright what else...Cheyla is doing super well, we meet with her twice a week and we can tell a difference in her every time we come by. It's cool to see how eager she is to learn more. We brought her a copy of Meet the Mormons and she loved it! I've literally never seen anyone so excited about a movie, it's probably because all she does is sit inside the hospital and read the Book of Mormon all day haha.

Y'all remember our recent convert Lucas?? Well we had a long sit down talk with him and his mom who's not a member. We would take him out with us and she would call us an hour later freaking out about where Lucas was and stuff. He told us he had let her know where he was going but it turns out he was lying, he hadn't even told her he was baptized yet. So we sat down with both of them sorted all that out. At first I thought his mom was just being controlling but as we talked I realized that she really just loved him a lot and was worried about him. It also made me realize that I was the exact same way Lucas was and that most of the time I thought my parents were being controlling they were actually just looking out for me. I also realize that when my parents told me they knew what was best they were actually right, who would have thought?

We also went and gave a less active member a hair cut this week, he wouldn't come to church because he didn't like his hair cut so I told him I'd cut it for him, it doesn't look half bad! Anyways, that's about it for this week, I'll include a video of Elder Burila and I eating raw egg so y'all can laugh at me ✌🏻(my yolk broke so it was extra nasty).

I'm grateful for this amazing opportunity I have to be a missionary and there's nowhere else I'd rather be right now, love you guys!!

Oh also, the quote of the week comes from an inactive Sister we called the other day-

"I saw you in Walmart but I avoided you, I may be inactive but at least I'm honest"

Elder Critchfield 🙏🏻
107 Community Way
Apt. 522
Staunton, VA 24401

1. Waynesboro West Zone
2. Before
3. After
4. Me and Burila
5. A member caught us tracting
6. Happy Easter Video

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