Monday, April 10, 2017

Western State

Hey y'all, this week has been pretty sweet, we've shown the Easter
video to about 30 people, so we really have to pick up the pace if we
are going to hit 100 before Easter.

Recently we have been teaching this lady named Cheyla (pronounced
Sayla) at Western State Hospital, which is a mental hospital. To teach
her we can't have our iPads or any metal on us. We give the people at
the front desk our drivers license and they give us a keycard in
return. Then we have to get scanned by a security officer. Once we get
through all that we use the keycard to get through a couple of doors
until we reach the ward that Cheyla is in. It's always fun going there
haha. But Cheyla is so cool!! Her brother joined the church and is the
only member in the family, he recently returned home from his mission
and told Cheyla to check out the missionaries. So she called us up and
asked to meet with us. Since she can't leave the hospital she pretty
much reads all day, it's been about a week since we first met her and
she's in 2 Nephi 31!!  We don't really know why she's stuck at the
hospital because she seems pretty normal but maybe we'll find out

On Saturday we walked around downtown Staunton and showed the video to
people on the street, it was pretty fun. We met a homeless guy named
Wade and as we showed him the video he started crying! At first I was
super excited and I thought he was feeling the spirit for sure, but
upon further conversation I realized he was just super drunk and would
cry at pretty much anything we said. He did take a copy of the Book of
Mormon though so there is hope!

That same Saturday we went over to one of the recent converts here,
Lucas Simmons, and told him we were giving him a haircut. At first he
resisted but I told him I was a pro hair cutter and that I'd make him
look good. In my mind I figured that anything I did would look better
than what his hair was to start with, plus I've watched people cut my
hair a million times so it can't be that hard right? Well it
definitely wasn't as easy as I thought but I did a pretty good job. At
first I tried to give him a flop top but then I decided to just take
it all off. At church the next day all the members were complimenting
him. I'll include some before and after pictures and a time lapse.

Well I think that's about all the interesting stuff that happened this
week folks, I'm loving it here in Staunton. I hope everybody has a
great Easter weekend and that we can all remember the reason for the

1. Before
2. After
3. Time Lapse
4. Random picture
5. Cool building downtown

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