Monday, April 3, 2017

Mansions to Mountains

Well I got transferred to Staunton!! (Pronounced Stanton, I have no
idea why they spell it like that)  It's the largest area in the
mission and is 2 hours away from where we met for transfer meeting so
it was a fun drive. As you can probably tell from the subject,
Staunton is the exact opposite of Midlothian. As soon as we got to the
apartment we dropped off my bags, changed into regular clothes, and
went to our Bishop's house to help him unload a giant chicken coop,
then he gave us a tour of his 12 acre property. He has a bunch of
pigs, 3 goats, 2 cows, and a donkey named Pedro. Staunton is super
open and there are actually mountains here!!! They aren't as big as
the ones back home but it's nice to have them around. I'll include
some of the pictures I have so far, I'm honestly in love with this
place. I feel like I'm back on the ranch in Montana!

Besides the chicken coop this week hasn't been super eventful though.
We have been trying to share the new Easter video, Prince of Peace,
100 times before Easter. So far we are at 8... but we'll get there!

My new companion is Elder Burila, he's pretty cool. He's from Tooele,
Utah and plays rugby. We get along pretty well so I'm excited to work
with him. We set a goal for 2 baptisms this transfer, this ward has a
lot of unbaptized youth and part member families so we are going to
work pretty hard in those areas.

Okay so that pretty much sums up all the transfer news so now I can
talk about General Conference, it was awesome!! I don't know what it
is but General Conference as a missionary is amazing. I'm so grateful
that we have the privilege to hear from Prophets and Apostles who
represent Jesus Christ and teach us his doctrine!! I've thought a lot
about what a blessing it is that members around the entire world are
able to watch General Conference, technology is pretty amazing. As I
listened closely and took notes (15 pages total) I could feel the Holy
Ghost teaching me new things and I'm amazed at much I learned from
each talk.

One of my favorite talks was given by Yoon Hwan Choi, and while I
can't pronounce his name I definitely enjoyed his message! He stated
that we shouldn't let other people diminish our faith, instead of
looking around, we should look up! We often can't recognize God's love
when we look around with temporal eyes, but as we look up, with eyes
toward eternity, God's love and influence becomes very apparent.

Well I hope y'all enjoyed General Conference as much as I did! As we
approach Easter I would encourage everyone to study the Saviors last
week and strive to gain a greater appreciation for what he did for us.
Love you guys!!!

1. The view from our apartment in Staunton
2. Elder Burila and I at the top of the hike
3. The Zone at the hike
4. The bishop in Midlothian and his family
5. Saying goodbye to Eli
6. Last pic with Elder Wolverton 🐺
7. Elder Perkins

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